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May 7, 2020

Is Your Router Slowing You Down?

Is your internet slower than what you expect it to be? Your wireless router could be the culprit. Internet speeds have changed drastically over the last couple of years, and wireless routers manufactured even a few years ago won’t be able to keep up. So even if you upgrade your internet speed, you might not be experiencing a faster connection until you update your router.

Do I Need a Faster Speed or a New Router?

The best solution is to test your current internet speed. Premier offers a free speedtest you can take online. Test your speed multiple times throughout the day, then calculate the average speed. If the average speed is significantly slower than the speed you’re paying for, it could be because of your wireless router.

Not Sure If You Need a Speed Upgrade?

Within the last couple of years, there are a lot more devices in our homes that connect to the internet. You might be surprised how many devices in your own home need a connection! To see if you have the speed you need take this simple quiz.

How to Optimize Current Router’s Performance:

Many factors can affect your WiFi connection and your speed. Get some tips to optimize both.


Place your router in a central location in your home, off the floor, away from walls and metal objects. Wi-Fi speeds are susceptible to countless environmental factors. WiFi can be blocked by walls and floors. Other wireless devices can interfere with the signal, including things you wouldn’t think of like microwaves and cordless phones, as well as nearby routers using the same channel. Even the wireless card within the device can cause problems. The result is inconsistent performance. As you move around your home, you can see the strength of your WiFi network connection fall and rise, affecting speed accordingly. You may even have “dead spots” in your home where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach at all.


Stay within range of your router. Typically, the closer you are the better the signal.


Reduce the number of items placed directly next to, or around, your router and avoid using other wireless devices (like baby monitors or cordless phones) that operate on the same frequency.


Use a modern router. We suggest replacing your router every two to three years to get the most out of your Internet speed. The best routers today are the ac series. If you have an older series such as b, g or n, it could be slowing you down. Find more information on routers we suggest here.


Get enough WiFi coverage for the size and building style of your home. Many routers will only cover up to 1,500 square feet. If you have a large and/or multi-level home, it may be necessary to add additional wireless routers or a GigaMesh Network to fill in the WiFi coverage gaps. It is also important to consider the building style and material make-up of your home. If your home has plaster and lath walls or concrete floors, additional coverage may be necessary.