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August 16, 2018

Welcome HTC Customers!

We are pleased to welcome you to Premier Communications.

The purchase of HTC Communications was approved by the FCC and the sales was finalized on August 15, 2018.

What does this mean for you as an HTC customer? Though we do not anticipate any immediate changes, see the topics and frequently asked questions below for more specific information.

Read the welcome letter.


Will my bill go up?

No, we do not anticipate any billing changes right now.

When will I get a bill from Premier?

Hospers customers will receive a bill from Premier Communications beginning October 1.

Sibley, Ocheyedan, Sheldon and Ashton customers will receive a bill from Premier Communications beginning November 1.

I had e-Billing set up with HTC. Can I continue my e-Bill with Premier?

Yes! Unfortunately, you will need to set up a new eBill account with Premier. Your HTC eBill account will not transfer. To set up your eBill account, follow these instructions

Offices & Hours

Will the Hospers office stay open?

Yes, the office will remain open and fully staffed. The HTC staff has agreed to stay in place, so you will see many familiar faces! Plus, we anticipate the business hours will remain the same.

Do I still call the same phone numbers for billing questions and Internet help?

Yes, the contact phone numbers will remain the same.

Cable TV

Will I get more Cable TV channels?

Over the next few months Premier will be working on offering more Cable TV channels.

Premier’s digital Cable TV lineup will be available to Hospers customers sometime around the beginning of October, and available to Sibley, Ocheyedan, Sheldon and Ashton customers around the beginning of November.

Will I need a box on my TV to get these channels?

Yes, in order to get Premier’s digital Cable TV lineup, you will need a set top box on each TV.


Will my Internet speed change?

No, for the near future all Internet speeds will remain the same.

Will Premier be offering new Internet speeds?

Yes! Over the next several months we will be working on new Internet speed options for you!


Can I have voicemail?

Yes! We plan to offer voicemail service. Stay tuned for availability.


Will my email address change?

No, your current HTC email address will not change.

As more information becomes available and details are confirmed, we will be contacting you via mail or bill message, so keep an eye out for upcoming messages. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us .