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November 7, 2017

Volleyball & Football IA State Championship Games

The girls' state volleyball games beginning on Friday, Nov. 10 can viewed on Iowa Public Television (channel 27 or 427 HD).

Girls State Volleyball Games

The quarterfinal and championship games can also be streamed on the Iowa Public Television website.

Boys State Football Games

Unfortunately, just like last year, Premier doesn’t have the opportunity to broadcast any of the football games. If you remember - the Iowa Boys Athletic Association sold the rights for broadcasting to the Iowa High School Sports Network which then sold exclusive rights to NBC Sports Chicago. As a result, only NBC Sports Chicago subscribers will be able to view the games.

The only way Premier would be able to broadcast these games is if we signed a 3-year contract to add NBC Sports Chicago to our cable TV line-up. Though this sounds like an easy solution, adding NBC Sports Chicago would cost Premier, and our customers, roughly $1 million+ for the next 3 years. For those that aren’t interested in Chicago sports, this is is a poor value for all Premier Cable TV customers to pay so much just to watch a few days of high school sports.

In addition to selling all the TV broadcast rights, when the Iowa High School Sports Network sold exclusive rights to NBC Sports Chicago, they also sold the on-line streaming rights. Consequently, most of Iowa won’t be able to stream the games from the Iowa High School Sports Network website.

How to Listen to the Games (Radio):

Live coverage from KSOU or KIHK FM will be available for some of the games. You can view the schedule here.

How to Voice Your Concerns to IHSAA:

Premier understands, we are upset about this decision as well. If you are upset about not being able to watch the games on Cable TV or stream the games online and you would like to voice your opinion, please contact the Iowa High School Athletic Association at