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October 20, 2014

Premier’s Service Area Named ‘Smart Rural Community’

Premier Communications Receives Award at NTCA Fall Conference

SRCLogoPremier Communications, the leader in voice, video and data services in Northwest Iowa, on behalf of the 22 Northwest Iowa towns it serves, is honored to receive the Smart Rural Community Showcase Award by NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association.

The Smart Rural Community Showcase Award is an annual award given to telecommunications companies that serve rural communities that innovatively utilize broadband from a local telecommunications provider. The presence of broadband capabilities allow these rural communities to compete in an increasingly global marketplace and provide customers with valuable services and resources. Premier’s service areas were one of 13 communities across the United States and Canada to receive this prestigious award.

“Premier Communications is a prime example of the power of a broadband connection and a steadfast commitment to growth and prosperity,” said NTCA Chief Executive Officer Shirley Bloomfield. “Not only are the people of Northwest Iowa charting their own path to a more prosperous future, they are also creating a road map for many more communities across the country to follow suit. I commend the people of Northwest Iowa for these extraordinary efforts.”

Headquartered in Sioux Center, Iowa, Premier Communications is the leading broadband provider in Northwest Iowa and a member of the NTCA. Premier’s customers utilize broadband in many innovative ways, creating vibrant local economies with elements such as distance learning, next generation health care, electronic farming practices, high tech public safety systems, and e-commerce.  Premier Communications is proud to be the first company in Iowa to receive this prestigious award.

“We are pleased and excited to accept this award,” said Doug Boone, Premier Communication’s CEO. “We have worked hard with our leaders on the federal, state and local levels, to ensure that our customers have access to advanced communications and the many benefits those services provide. We look forward to building on our success for many years to come.”

Smart Rural Community Award

Premier Communications received the Smart Rural Community Showcase Award at the 2014 Fall Annual NTCA Conference in San Francisco on September 22, 2014. Premier CEO, Doug Boone; Regulatory Manager, Ryan Boone, and Sales and Marketing Manager, Scott Te Stroete were present to accept the award.

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