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Adding Authorized Users
to Account

Under the FCC rules governing the use and disclosure of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), Premier Communications (including its affiliates) is only allowed to discuss CPNI at our retail location(s) or over the phone with those listed as an authorized user on the account. The only exceptions may be for certain routine customer service issues if you have all pertinent information with you, such as the bill or call detail information you wish to discuss. Remember, CPNI includes call detail information and certain account information, including the amount of your bill. In order to make your experience with Premier Communications the best possible, we continue to give you the option of adding authorized users to your account. Adding an authorized user does not mean that their name(s) will show up on the bill, but only that these individuals will be allowed to discuss CPNI and make changes to the account with our company representatives over the phone or in our retail locations.

Authorized Users to Add to Account:

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IMPORTANT: By electronically signing below, the customer is expressly requesting that the company share certain account and call detail information, including Customer Proprietary Network Information, with authorized account users and is authorizing the company to share such information with authorized users as necessary to address service and account inquiries initiated by the account owner or any authorized user.