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DTA "Smart Box"DCX700 "Standard Box"DCX3510 "Whole Home DVR Box"
DTA Smart BoxDCX700 Standard BoxDCX3510 Whole Home DVR Box
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How does the Whole Home DVR feature work?

Whole Home DVR allows you to enjoy DVR recordings throughout your home. Whole Home DVR allows you to access DVR recordings on any TV throughout your home, and in multiple rooms at the same time. In fact, you can stop a recording in one room and resume play in another. With the ability to record up to 2 shows simultaneously, Whole Home DVR networks your home TV’s together so watching and recording shows for the whole family has never been more convenient. The Whole Home DVR feature requires a monthly fee of $5.95.

Why do I need a box on my TV?

Premier Communications delivers your video signal over an all-digital system of encrypted channels. Encryption is the process of encoding or scrambling programming so that individuals cannot view programming without authorization. Encryption also allows us to automate certain system functions and will reduce the need for scheduled in-home appointments, providing greater convenience for our customers. You will need a set-top-box (STB) or a digital transport adapter (DTA) on each TV in your home to view the programming.

What type of box do I need on my TV?

Premier Communications offers a number of gadget options for you. Your first option is the DTA Smart Box or digital transport adapter. This Smart Box lets you receive and decode (allow you to view) all encrypted channels (including high definition) and has a simple channel guide. Your second option is the DCX 700 Set-Top-Box. This Standard Box allows you to view all encrypted channels (including high definition), offers Dolby audio and the i-Guide. The Standard Box can also be networked with the DCX 3510 Whole Home DVR Box for Whole Home DVR service. The final option is the DCX 3510 or the Whole Home DVR Box. This box offers two tuners (record multiple shows at the same time), i-Guide, Dolby audio and a 500 GB hard drive. It can be networked with the Standard Box allowing you to watch recorded shows in up to four rooms.

What are the costs?

This of course depends on what type of gadget you choose. A basic Set top box receiver is $1.95 per month, a networked set top box is $4.95 per month and the Whole Home DVR Box is $8.95 per month.

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