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GigaMesh 2.0

Mesh u4m

Create the ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a flexible mesh unit.

  • Seamless handoffs: Wi-Fi experience is continuously optimized, even as devices move throughout the home.​
  • Elegant design
  • True gigabit speed with 1.8 Gbps of total bandwidth.
  • Continually assesses WiFi to optimize device performance and reduce interference.
  • WAN port to support wired and wireless mesh compatibility
  • 2x2 internal antennas with beam-forming technology to extend coverage
  • Compatible with WiFi 6 standard
  • Connects with the Premier GigaSpire wireless router to create a wireless mesh network throughout your home
Equipment Files

Manage all of your family’s devices

Easily manage your WiFi network and connected devices from your smartphone with the PremierHQ app. Change your WiFi password, create family member profiles, pause Internet access and more. Compatible with the GigaCenter & GigaSpire routers.