View High School Boys Football Championship Games

Premier has received a number of calls, emails and inquiries concerning the Iowa Boys Football Championship that will be taking place tomorrow, November 18.

We have been trying to get the rights to broadcast these games since April when we found out that the rights had been sold to Comcast Sportsnet Chicago (CSN).  Unfortunately, CSN has mandated that, in order for our customers to view the games, they are requiring Premier to add CSN to our channel lineup. This sounds like an easy solution, but adding CSN would require Premier, and our customers, to pay CSN over $1 million+ for the next 3 years to carry their channel.

Even as recently as this week, we were in communication with CSN asking them to consider some creative alternatives to allow our customers to watch this content without adding the channel to our channel lineup (and the big price tag that comes with that action). We will continue to work with Comcast and IHSAA going forward to see if there is a way we can bring this content to our customer base.

How to Watch the Games:

There is an alternative way for people to watch the games –  there will be “viewing parties” at both Western Christian High School, Boyden-Hull High School and Rock Valley High School.

Western Christian High School Viewing Party – Starts at 11:00AM on Friday Nov. 18 (doors open at 10:30AM)

Boyden-Hull High School Viewing Party – Starts at 2:00PM on Friday Nov. 18 (doors open at 10:30AM)

Boyden-Hull will be showing the Western Game at 11:00AM and the Boyden-Hull game at 2:00PM

Rock Valley High School Viewing Party – Starts at 2:00PM on Friday Nov. 18 (doors open at 1:30PM)

Note: Admission is Free but seating is “first come-first serve.”

How to Listen to the Games (Radio):

Live coverage of the Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley vs. Union LaPorte City and Western Christian vs. Iowa City Regina games will be on KSOU FM. You can view the schedule here.

How to Voice Your Concerns to IHSAA:

If you are upset about not being able to watch the games on Cable TV or stream the games online and you would like to voice your opinion, please contact the IHSAA at