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Test your Internet Speed

How do you determine how fast your Internet is?

Take our speed test to see how your Internet connection stacks up.

Megabits per second 150+ 50 20 10 5 1 0
Mbps Download
Mbps Upload

Upload Speed (Megabits per second Mbps)

Upload speed is a measurement of how quickly your device sends data to the Internet. Upload speed becomes important especially when backing up devices to the cloud, video chatting or uploading photos to a photo share site.

Download Speed (Megabits per second, Mbps)

Download speed is a measurement of how quickly your device receives data from the Internet. Most web activities including web browsing and streaming videos rely primarily on download speed.

Things that may affect your in-home test results

  • Placement Matters. Place your wireless router in a centralized spot in your home. Keep it out in the open. Avoid cabinets, closets, and places that may accidentally get covered up (by a pillow, backpack, jacket, etc.)
  • Consumer Device Capabilities. Some Internet Speeds are faster than many devices can handle especially devices that are older. Check the user’s manual for the devices’ maximum capabilities.
  • Stay Current. Are your operating systems for your computer and laptop and Internet browsers up to date? To achieve the best results, make sure they are. Also make sure that you have an up to date modem and gateway.

Friendly reminder. Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired connections due to wireless hardware limitations. Learn more in this Help Article.

Premier Communication’s Speed Test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet. Unsatisfactory test results do not necessarily indicate a problem with your Premier Communications service as factors outside of Premier’s control affect your speed. Take a look at our online Help Center articles to learn more about these factors and what you can do to improve performance.