Residential Data Services

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As the best data provider, Premier takes great pride in delivering lightning fast, cutting edge Internet services. With local support and a highly dependable network, we are dedicated to making sure you are always online.


Whatever your connection needs, Premier Communications provides numerous options and unmatched customer service.

Welcome HTC Customers! 

We are pleased to begin serving you with the best Internet services available. We will be releasing more information about additional Internet speeds and features in the coming months.

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Speeds Up To:10 Mbps /
1 Mbps
25 Mbps /
1.5 Mbps
75 Mbps /
2 Mbps
125 Mbps /
3 Mbps
150 Mbps /
5 Mbps
200 Mbps /
5 Mbps
1 Gbps /
20 Mbps
Best Choice For:
Checking Email
Light Web Surfing
Uploading Photos
Downloading Music
Multiple Users
Online Gaming
Streaming Movies


Incredible WiFi Range & Performance

Experience the best WiFi with the all-new GigaCenter! The GigaCenter isn’t just a router, it’s a WiFi system, feeding your house with the best, most reliable WiFi signals so you can stream, shop and surf without missing a beat.

Custom Support

With the GigaCenter, comes special custom support from our Internet HelpDesk. Our internet guru’s can see which of your devices are connected, which are having issues and help you trouble shoot so you are always connected.

Get the GigaCenter today for $5.95/mo*

For additional information view the GigaCenter info sheet >

*price good for residential customers only


Premier Communications participates in the Lifeline Assistance program. The Lifeline Program is a federal program that provides a monthly benefit on home or wireless phone and broadband service to eligible households.

If you qualify, the Lifeline benefit can lower or eliminate the cost of your monthly phone or Internet bill. To determine if you are eligible, or to apply for a benefit, visit our Lifeline Assistance page.