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Stream TV to your Devices

All the channels you want – from regional sports, to local news and beyond - set top box optional

Binge-worthy TV, now streamingStream Live TV Across 100+ Channels

Device Flexibility

The TV you want. Stream PremierTV from your Apple, Android or Amazon Fire devices or rent a PremierTV set top box.

No Contracts

Enjoy transparency with no multi-year contracts or red tape. No commitments necessary.

TV Made For You

Navigate your shows like a boss. Pause and rewind live TV or restart a show from the beginning. Plus access Cloud DVR content in any room of your home.

Get what you need for the whole familyCustomize Your TV With Add-Ons

Entertainment Tier

Enjoy even more entertainment with 15+ channels including Hallmark Movies, Game Show Network & Fox Movies

Family & Education Tier

Something for everyone. 10+ channels including Magnolia Network, Disney Jr & American Heros

Sports & Info Tier

Exciting games and news on 10+ channels including Fox Sports 2, NFL Network & Golf Channel

CloudDVR & Streams

Stream more, store more. Upgrade to 8 streams + 800 GB CloudDVR storage.

TV Package Pricing

Limited TV Package

Local channels and community programming

Plus TV Package

Basic family of channels from all genres*
*also includes channels in Limited tier

Add-on Genre Tiers*

Family & Education
Sports & Info
Cloud DVR & Additional Streams

Stream more, store more. Upgrade to 8 streams + 800 GB CloudDVR storage.

* must have Plus TV Package to add Genre Tiers, PremierTV requires Premier Internet service.

Streaming Made EasyWatch how you want to watch

Rent a PremierTV set top box and remote or bring your own Amazon or Apple streaming device. Plus mobile apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Bring your own device...

Streaming Devices – AppleTV and Amazon Fire
Mobile Devices – Apple and Andriod phones and tablets

Google Play Store Apple App Store

...or rent ours.

Want a more traditional Cable TV experience? Rent the PremierTV Set Top Box and universal remote. No app switching or input changing. Just fire it up, right to your TV. Easy peasy.

Need additional resources? Check our Help Center.

Rent Set Top Box + Remote: $5/mo

All Features

Pause and rewind live TV

Feel free to pop some popcorn or refill your drink - pause your show or the game and watch on your schedule, snacks included.

Restart TV

If a program has already begun, restart it to watch or record from the beginning (*some channels/programs excluded).

Cloud DVR

Experience DVR in multiple rooms in your home and record multiple shows at once. Upgrade to 8 streams and 800 GB of CloudDVR.

Multiple Streams

Watch on 2 screens at the same time.

PremierTV Mobile App

Use your phone or tablet to manage your DVR settings and recordings, or use your phone as a remote.

No Contracts

Let’s not make things complicated. Try PremierTV for yourself, contract free.

White Glove Installation

Our expert technicians will get your devices connected and working and answer any questions you may have.

Get StartedChoose a plan

PremierTV needs Premier Internet like peanut butter needs jelly. Get the Premier streaming experience with buffer-free Internet.