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Blanket your home in sweet WiFi

You want great WiFi. We help you get connected and stay connected so you can do all the things you do online with nothing slowing you down.

WiFi Plans

WiFi so great it feels like magic

Senior Surfer^ 100 Mbps

100 Mbps upload* |2-3 Devices

A value-packed experience for the basic user:

  • Surf social media
  • Shop online
  • Check email
  • Read the news
  • WiFi photo frames
  • Virus & Malware protection with PremierHQ appΩ
  • Dedicated HelpDesk Support

Social Scroller 250 Mbps

250 Mbps upload* |3-5 Devices

A snap-worthy package for the content creator & consumer:

  • Buffer-free music listening
  • Photo uploading & sharing
  • TikTok/Snapchat guru
  • Reels & YouTube creator/scroller
  • DIY & how-to video tutorials
  • Virus & Malware protection with PremierHQ appΩ
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support

Savvy Streamer 500 Mbps

500 Mbps upload* |7 Devices

An all-you-can-stream buffet for the modern home and family:

  • Optimized for 8K streaming (PremierTV, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more)
  • Smart appliances & thermostats, WiFi baby monitors, vacuums (Roomba)
  • Uninterrupted home security feeds to keep an eye on your pets and packages (Ring doorbell, Arlo cameras)
  • Remote Healthcare (Doctor on Demand)
  • Virtual assistants (Alexa, Google Home)
  • Remote Learning/Online classes
  • Manage & schedule kids? screentime with PremierHQ appΩ
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support

Powerhouse Pro 1 Gig

1 Gig upload* |10 Devices

A pro-level advantage designed to remove obstacles between you and success.

  • Optimized for smooth, jitter-free gaming
  • Consistently high speeds and low lag
  • WFH optimized connectivity
  • Frustration-free professional video calls (Zoom, Teams)
  • Real-time collaboration (Slack, SmartSheet)
  • Seamless file uploads (Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • VR headsets (Meta Quest, PlayStation)
  • Device prioritization with PremierHQ AppΩ
  • Dedicated HelpDesk support

Whole Home WiFi Coverage & ControlCover your home in sweet WiFi - like glitter, but not as messy

Tired of dead spots, buffering and router reboots? Say hello to a fully managed (by us!) professional-grade GigaSpire router. Includes FREE PremierHQ Wifi App

GigaSpire Router - $10/mo

Interested in the techy details? View GigaSpire Spec Sheet

No more spotty coverage here! Get online in every corner of your home with GigaMesh WiFi extender - $4/mo/unit

Online safety starts with GigaSpire + PremierHQ

Included with your GigaSpire router order is the FREE PremierHQ WiFi management app. Manage your WiFI like a boss. Like a remote for your WiFI, it’s easy to use, no tech savvy-ness required.

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What are my kids looking at on the Internet? Keep your littles safe online with parental controls - all inside the PremierHQ app

Kids spend a lot of time online with all the illicit content at their fingertips. Protect and filter what they see.

PremierHQ App Features

Great features that help you easily control your WiFi.

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Never ask “What’s the WiFi password?” again

PremierHQ has the answer.

Change or share your WiFi password with just a tap from your phone.

Love your WiFi, love your loved ones

We help you protect little eyes and ears - all inside the PremierHQ app.

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The Internet can be a scary place

Stay protected while you're connected - block threats like viruses and malware.

  • Get real-time security alerts
  • View blocked threats
  • Release content that isn't malicious
  • Automatic safety scans

Sometimes you need to turn the Internet off.
With PremierHQ you can.

Premier WiFi - there when you need it, not when you don’t.

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