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DVR Subscription

Cloud DVR

Use our all-new DVR subscription to utilize the standard box to record and store your favorite shows and movies.

TV on Your Schedule

DVR Subscription utilizes one standard box per TV while also giving you the convenience of the cloud.

  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Experience DVR in multiple rooms in your home.*
  • Record four streams at once
  • 500 GB storage (approximately 75 hours of HD programming)
  • Use your iOS and Android devices to manage your DVR settings remotely using the MyTV app.
  • Restart TV - if a show has already begun, restart it to watch or record from the beginning.
  • Integrate your telephone and TV with Caller ID Screenpop**, voice message waiting indicator, recent callers list and voicemail playback.

*Standard box ($4.95/mo per TV) required to receive Cloud DVR service.  **Screenpop and certain telephone features require additional monthly fee. ^some channels excluded. Cloud DVR not available for commercial subscribers.

Equipment Files