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Standard Box

Arris DCX700
HEIGHT1.5" | WIDTH10.5" | DEPTH6"

Bring your TV and DVR experience through multiple rooms in your home with the Standard box and Whole Home Connected DVR service. This is your companion box – always connecting and communicating with your DVR so you to watch shows that you’ve recorded on your DVR on any TV’s that have a Standard Box attached to them.

Experience a new era of smart TV.

Make sure you also have a DVR box, so you can experience Whole Home Connected DVR service. Note that the Arris DCX700 box does not record shows, it simply plays back content recorded on the DCX3510.

  • Interactive channel guide with search feature
  • HDMI and Dolby audio
  • Watch recorded content from your DVR box on TV’s with a Standard Box
  • Can be networked with DVR box for _Whole Home Connected_ service
Equipment Files