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A140 Standard BoxA540 Whole Home DVR Box
A140 Standard BoxA540 Whole Home DVR Box
A140 Standard Box FrontA140 Standard Box BackA540 Whole Home DVR Box BackA540 Whole Home DVR Box Back

What are the costs?

The Standard box fee is $4.95 per month and the Whole Home DVR box fee is $8.95 per month.

How does the Whole Home DVR feature work?

Whole Home DVR allows you to enjoy DVR recordings throughout your home. Whole Home DVR allows you to access DVR recordings on any TV throughout your home, and in multiple rooms at the same time. In fact, you can stop a recording in one room and resume play in another. With the ability to record up to 2 shows simultaneously, Whole Home DVR networks your home TV’s together so watching and recording shows for the whole family has never been more convenient. The Whole Home DVR feature requires a monthly fee of $5.95.

What are the unique features with IP Video?

DVR Web Control

From the office, on the road or anyplace there is an internet connection, you can manage your DVR. Subscribers can also control APMAX Voice Services from the same portal.

Weather App

View current weather conditions and forecasts as well as animated radar are one button away with the Weather Plus Option.

What’s Hot App

The What’s Hot App gives you real time information about what others in your area are watching. You can view most watched TV programs, Recorded Programs and Series Recordings in your service area.

ManageMyTV App for Smartphones and Tablets

iOS and Android devices can have program search, remote control and DVR Web Control for your video.  Use the ManageMyTVs App and turn your iPad into a remote control, manage your recordings, and view guide data remotely.

Blended Telephony Features

Blended service with the integration of Caller ID Screenpop, Voice Message Waiting Indicator, Recent Callers List, and Voicemail playback on the TV.

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